SE Biography

Short Edu Biography

Through my whole career, I have been an active member of several non-governmental organizations. For the past seven years, l have been a productive member and secretary of CEM (Center for Youth Education). Together, we were working on building peace and solidarity between the three ethnic groups living in my country (Croats, Serbs end Bosniaks). Additionally, I was the coordinator of my local ONAuBIH (Youth Press Association In Bosnia and Herzegovina) team, learning about the media, freedom of self-expression and gender-sensitive language. During that time, we were constantly creating a youth policy based on people’s equality. Currently, I am in the process of leading my own modest, non-governmental organization called NGOy In Life. I am enjoying an enormous level of satisfaction and positive energy by helping my community and peers in any way possible through any number of educational activities and projects. NGOy in Life has experienced a great success by initiating several effective workshops and successfully implementing a handful of projects in the fields of healthy living, non-discrimination, and non-violence. When I remember all the things we did to effectuate such great things resulting in such positive changes, it encourages me to get even more motivated and to work even harder to turn the lights on for the people that really need our help.

School Education

I went to a nine-year long primary school program in the Catholic school center ‘Petar Barbaric’ in Travnik. Finished final exam with 28,5/30 which ranked me amongst top 5 students from my generation and allowed me to enroll to the gymnasium in the same school center which is considered one of the best high schools in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In this highly recommended school in Bosnia and Herzegovina, I tried to get the most out of their offering knowledge. I have learned many programming languages such as C+, Q-Basic, and Visual C. I have been enrolled in Information, History, Biology, Chemistry and Math additional advanced classes. For the 2015/2016 year, my function was Vice President of School Council. Furthermore, as a representative of KŠC ‘Petar Barbarić’, I have been nominated for the best student of 2016. among six KŠC schools and ranked on top three. After the second year, I got the full scholarship for the UWC Robert Bosch College in Germany where I will study for two years.