Vigeliusschule II Werkrealschule English training Vokabeldienst – Teacher

With the group of seven people, I was servicing at Vigeliusschule II Werkrealschule school every week, where we meet with 10/15-years old students and teach them English by playing interesting learning games. However, the best way of teaching was a simple communication in English. Over time, students get a sense of communicating in a foreign language and start feeling more comfortable talking in English.
It is the great opportunity and pleasure, but also challenge to help young people in becoming better English speakers. To be able to do this kind of work, it is absolutely necessary to put a lot of effort in what we teach them. Reliability is one of the tipping points where kids are actually encouraged to work because they have the trust in what we teach them. Collaboration between the students is the key factor when we learning new words and lessons which often might be challenging for them, but for us too. Also, everyone from our team of ‘teachers’ has to give a lot of commitment for everything we do.

Outdoor adventure and leadership – Co-leader

Our school weeks always end with a lot of amazing activities. Our group of seven member leads Geography teacher Michael. He shows us the most important equipment that we should always have in our backpack and we consider many different maps of Freiburg and its surrendering. We usually go hiking or mountain biking in the Black Forest, exploring new paths and learning new surviving skills. The last couple of sessions we had an amazing opportunity to experience all the passions of bouldering. The snow had also appeared on the top of many mountains and thus, we went sledding. We learned many helpful lessons when the question of snow and surviving occurs. It was very useful for each of us. We are very sad that he has to leave next semester. It will be challenging to manage everything by ourselves, but there is the spirit of this group; finding the solution when the hardest it is.

Model United Nations UWC RBC – Representative

More than forty members (participants) of many different nationalities and backgrounds can make a lot of changes and create many positive stories and opportunities to this world. We discuss how MUN actually works and how can we take a part in future MUN Conferences. We continuously learn new skills. In the past couple of weeks, we have done many various workshops and presentations. One of our best sessions was the simulation of real MUN conference. Everyone had a country and certain task which had to be covered as better as possible. Taking the problems from other countries takes a lot of responsibility and effort especially when we get ‘the stage’ and present it to all delegates. Furthermore, I have been accepted as one of the delegates who will represent our school at one of the biggest MUN conferences in Nancy, France this (2017) year. I am very excited about it. It will take a lot of preparation from my side, but I will enjoy doing it. Looking forward to it.

Global Affairs support – Co-organizer

As I have got the Global Affairs support as the College Job, I can definitely say that I do not regret that I have chosen it. Even though we did not have many meetings and a lot of ‘job’ to do, those that we did have, were very significant for the whole team and me. Basically, our duty is to invite a plenty of certain speakers and representatives with different work experiences, ideas and world views who can be very important for our students in the way of encouraging them to work on the positive changes in our community and world. All the speakers will mostly present their work through the various interactive and interesting sessions. I am very proud that at the end of the year, we will be able to cover every aspect of outcomes. Awareness of problems that are everywhere around us, challenges to understand new ideas and gain positivity from them, collaboration with the team, commitment to the work we do, ethics education, global values from ‘global people and areas of knowledge’, initiative for making changes and positive future.

NGOy in Life – Founder

In 2014 I began working on turning things around in my community, but I quickly discovered that trying to change things on my own was demanding and overwhelming. As the result, I came up with the idea of creating a local non-governmental organization called ‘NGOy In Life’. Throughout the process. I have surrounded myself with like-minded people who believe in doing something productive, positive and innovative with their free time.

Network for Building Peace – Correspondent

The Network for Building Peace is an informal coalition of 107 organizations that have decided to engage its constituency and the public as a citizen media. It is aiming towards the comprehensive renewal of social and economic life in Bosnia and Herzegovina and to long-term enhancement of whole society to deal with difference and conflicts in the constructive and non-violent way. I volunteered at many different activities of Network and several times wrote articles for their web-site. Based on one of my stories (We are Only Human) they had decided to make a short play.

Youth Press Association – Coordinator

I was a founder and coordinator of the Youth Press Association local team in Travnik. We were making programs and activities the mostly about freedom of self-expression. In addition, we had created many Video Blogs ‘Views’ where we had recorded problems in a community and over social media had distributed them to people who could help in solving it. Moreover, we were learning about the media and gender sensitive language. We had a youth magazine ‘Karike!’ and people (especially young) all across Bosnia and Herzegovina had an easy access to them.

Center for Youth Education – Secretary

Another passion of mine is volunteering. I have been an active member of the Center for Youth Education (CEM) which is a very successful NGO organization. I have held the position of the main secretary for volunteers. Together with CEM, I was working on building peace and solidarity among three ethnic groups who live in my country (Croats, Serbs, and Bosniaks). I was constantly learning new skills and I was getting incredibly useful life experiences. We were creating and implementing different projects based on tolerance, peace and community helping. For instance, one of our projects was ‘Healthy mobile bar’ where we had made healthy smoothies in the town center while explaining and warning how alcohol is causing violence and many other problems. Furthermore, we understand the importance of technology and languages and therefore we have organized many language and science courses.

Basketball Team ”Travnik” – Team Lead

Since 2009 I was playing for the Basketball Team ‘Travnik’ located in central Bosnia and Herzegovina. I found my passion and dose of relaxation in this sport. In the past, I have played for the Basketball Team ‘Bersellum’ for a couple of years. One of my biggest honors was playing for the BiH U16 national team. Furthermore, my hard work was awarded the title of the best basketball player in the region for 2015. year. In those six years of playing this sport, I have acquired many honors and awards.