Honors & Awards

    • United Nations – Gender Sensitive Reporting, Language and Equality in Media

Taking part as a participant in the one-day training on Gender Sensitive Reporting, with a strong focus on Beijing Declaration, Gender Sensitive Language and Gender Equality in Media.

    • United Nations – Dialog for Future Training in Sarajevo and Jahorina

United Nations with UNDP, UNESCO, and UNICEF started with the implementation of a project,’Dialog for Future’. The main goal of this project is making peace in the world. United Nations Peace-building Fund contributed 18 million dollars to this two-year long project.

    • 2nd European Alcohol Youth Policy Conference in Bursa, Turkey

I was attending 7 days long conference “2nd European Alcohol Youth Policy Conference’’ held in Bursa, Turkey where I was representing my country and the NGO organizations I am working for. 180 people with different backgrounds, religion, and view on alcohol, coming from all over the world, participated in this event. Our main topic was alcohol & tobacco consumption and prevention amongst young people in the world. The group I was working with was tasked to explore alcohol consumption in relationship to culture. We realized that all countries are connected through some significant issue. Working with people from many different countries was my favorite part of this conference. Challenge with working with such a diverse group of people is to find a common language. After we succeeded in that, we were able to realize that we are much more similar than we are different.

    • ONAuBiH’s seven days Summer Camp

50 participants took part in learning about media where we improved our skills and strategies to the next level. Furthermore, there were many workshops about tolerance, solidarity, and peace. It was a great opportunity to network with many people and share many different ideas too.

    • University of Vitez – From Idea to Business

At this workshop, I experienced being an entrepreneur. We learned about making better future careers and improving our educational skills. We also learned to recognize the fundamental features of the entrepreneurial mindset and its behaviors.

    • Transparency International BiH – Integrity School

The final event and debate were in Banja Luka organized for the best attendees of the School of Integrity.
As attendant and the essay winner, I presented it to the students who are also changing things in the field of corruption in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The project is supported by the US Embassy in Bosnia and Herzegovina which enabled around hundred attendees to acquire basic knowledge about the harmfulness of corruption, the rule of law and the importance of transparency.

    • “Say NO to Violence” thirteen days project

With five diligent friends of mine who chose to do something productive and innovative I experienced a great joy by successfully implementing a project “Say NO to Violence”. We did many effective workshops and brought awareness in our community on a higher level.

    • CEO Conference Zenica

By finding the way to motivate young people in Bosnia and Herzegovina in professional development, CEO came up with an idea of creating the most important youth project in the region.
They are connecting youth from five countries of our region, top experts from different fields and some of the most successful companies.
It is an opportunity to meet some of them and to make contacts which will bring benefits in the future.

    • First,second and third Youth Sports Games

This event happens every year in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina with over 600,000 young participants who play one of the five different sports (volleyball, beach volleyball, street basketball, handball, football, chess, badminton, tennis, table tennis and dodge ball. This is a great place to be introduced in to the professional sports because many sport scouts visit this event.

    • “GEN” – Basketball Summer Camp MVP

Named for MVP – The Most Valuable Player on the Gen’s basketball camp. This camp was in the summer of 2013 at the mount Vlasić, where players came from different states and countries (BiH, USA, Italy, Australia). We learned from one of the best coaches in Bosnia: Emir Halimić, Gordan Firić, Sabahudin Bašević and Mladen Ostojić. Those seven days were perfect for improving my game. This camp helped me to push my skills to even a higher level and helped me to make friends from all over the world.

  • Bronze medal – Season of 2010/2011.
  • Bronze medal – Season of 2013/2014.
  • Silver medal – Season of 2014/2015.
  • First place – Basketball Tournament (Info Wireless Park)
  • First place – Second “Bersellum” Basketball Tournament